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I currently completing dissertation named: “Inflation of Visual Information of the Digital Age”. In which project I deal with internet and mobile globalization, the hell of screens and displays, the way the world falls to us and falls through personal communicators through our window to the world, displays.

The project is introduced in limited bibliophilia box: "Black book of the digital age" - is my response to digital technology saturation. The box containing a description and development of my artistic acquisitions since 2008 when I was engaged in digitization. And also contains samples of works - limited original photos, catalogue, text manifesto and a description of the two topics:

The first is "Screenferno," (about the loss of private data on internet boom – started work on it 10 years ago) where I illustrated the lightness of internet usage and information on it, and how easy it is to steal images that will not get the internet once - exemplified by intimate photographs, that the author and photographer certainly did not intend to emit into the world,

A second is "Requiem for a lost connection" - a “deconstructivist” manifest about fear of a mobile internet connection error. Ilustrated on contemporary themes that deconstructs google software in a monochrome flat surface.

Both is a classic and real photodocument - But the viewfinder is just a screen, only detailed photo of the display (where the colors are made up of RGB raster) - our view, a cut from reality. It is a satire not only of today's times, but a total limitation of the human perspective.